NEGARA, – Until now, the backflow at Gilimanuk Harbor remains crowded. Each loading and unloading ship in Gilimanuk Harbor is on average full of vehicles, especially motorbikes and private cars mixed with buses and trucks. Queues also occur at checkpoint 2 of the harbor exit checking documents of vehicle and goods.


Chief of Gilimanuk Marine Area Police, Nyoman Subawa, stated on Monday (Jun. 17) the backflow still looked crowded. However, the document examination remained to be carried out.
Amid the remaining crowded backflow, the identity card checks in Gilimanuk often missed. Position of the identity card checkpoint inside the terminal is quite difficult for the officers to monitor passengers having just left the harbor.

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Indeed, there are officers directing vehicles or passengers to enter into the identity card checkpoint. However, many vehicles do not want to enter the terminal, especially motorbikes, freight cars and private cars so the officers could not do much.
With the passing of the vehicles, the drivers and the passengers of the private vehicles as well as drivers and passengers of goods vehicle did not pass through the identity card checkpoint.

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Likewise, many other migrants walking away missed the identity checks by crossing the Shiva Park area or through the hallway for passengers heading for the ticket booths.
Head of the Jembrana Municipal Police, IGN Rai Budhi, when asked for his confirmation said the identity card check against residents entering Bali is a fixed procedure applied to anyone riding public transportation or carrying a private vehicle or motorcycle. His agency will convey to the officers that all vehicles and walking passengers are directed to the identity card checkpoint. (Surya Darma/balipost)



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