TABANAN, — Thousands of pilgrims from various regions thronged Penataran Agung Temple of Ulundanu Beratan, Baturiti, on Tuesday (Jul. 9) that coincided with Anggarakasih Julungwangi. They came to say prayers in a series of Pujawali Ageng or grandiose ceremonies held at the local temple.

Nevertheless, on days such as full moon, new moon and other major Hindu holidays, many Hindus also come to perform joint worship including the Melasti and Nyegara Gunung ceremonies.
Regarding the pujawali ageng, Coordinator of Ulundanu Beratan Temple, I Putu Suma Artha, stated the series of pujawali ceremonies had been started since the beginning of the month or precisely on July 2, 2019 consisting of pengalah sasih and negtegan carried out by the supporting pilgrims of the Ulundanu Beratan Temple.
Then, it was resumed on July 6 with the pakeling pujawali ceremony, mendak pekuluh and ngias. Meanwhile, the mecaru and mesucian ceremony were held on Monday or Soma Wage (Jul. 8), and then peak of the pujawali ageng was held on Anggarakasih Julungwangi or Tuesday (Jul. 9) commenced with the piodalan in the respective lawa. After holding the peak of piodalan, there were nganyarin ceremonies for three days and was closed on Sukra Pon or Friday (Jul. 12).
“This piodalan is not only an obligation of the supporting pilgrims, but also has the objective to result in harmony as well as prosperity of life for the community or the entire Hindu fellows,” he said.
He explained that Ulundanu Beratan Temple is supported by 800 families from 4 satakan villages or gebog satak, consisting of 15 customary villages and three chief of core customary villages and Marga Grand Place serves patron.
Ulundanu Beratan Temple at Bedugul is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali, located at Candi Kuning village, Baturiti, Tabanan. Aside from being a historical tourism, the pilgrims can take pleasure in natural attractions and lake water recreation activities. (Puspawati/balipost)

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