NEGARA, – Pengeragoan rest area at Pengeragoan village, Pekutatan, has been operating for a long time. Road users, especially cars and motorbikes, prefer to rest around the Yeh Leh, the border between Jembrana and Tabanan. Actually, the rest area built by the regional government is mostly taken advantage by trucks especially at night until morning.

“In early morning, there are many trucks parked here. In the back, a lot of gazebos are usually used to take a break,” said Anom, 46, a road user. This condition is also seen on Wednesday morning (Jun. 19). A number of trucks were being parked in the parking lot of the rest area on the Denpasar-Gilimanuk roadside.
Despite minimal lighting, many truck drivers choose to park their vehicles temporarily before continuing the journey. “Here, I can rest for a while, sleep can also made down there (beach side). Unfortunately, it is difficult to find merchants,” said Yopi, one of the truck drivers met last Wednesday.
Condition of the building and park of the rest area is still sturdy and new. However, there is still a lot of garbage scattered especially in the front of the vehicle parking lot. Some stalls also look open even though the conditions are quiet. One of the three stalls in the rest area is closed.
A different situation was seen around Yeh Leh tourist attraction on the border of Jembrana and Tabanan. Stalls on the beach looked crowded with visitors, especially motorists that were resting. The stalls selling food such as chicken meatballs, noodles and young coconut are open until early morning.
Almost every time there are road users stopping by or just taking pictures in the border region. “Well, it is better here, over there many trucks are being parked. While here, there are also many merchants,” explained Anik Hariyati, 32, one of the travelers from East Java who stopped at Yeh Leh. This mother of two said she had stopped by the rest area not too far from Yeh Leh. According to her, it’s more comfortable to rest around Yeh Leh. (Surya Darma/balipost)

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