MANGUPURA, – A number of villages in Badung district are interested in developing their tourism sector. Within this year, many new tourist objects have emerged. For instance, there is Beji Paluh Park located at Penarungan village.

The tourist attraction getting renovation assistance from the Badung district government has become one of the tourist attractions in Bali, especially Badung. Beji Paluh Park does exist from time immemorial. Many people want to perform spiritual cleansing by doing melukat or self-purification at the Beji Park Temple.

Not only that, the self-purification located at Eleven Shower of Dauh Peken hamlet area, Penarungan village, Mengwi, really presents complete natural beauty with tubing tourist attractions.

“Based on the story I know, it is said the water flowing into Beji Paluh Park comes from the Tukad Yeh Penet and Bebengan River,” said hamlet chief of Dauh Peken, I Gede Made Artanegara, on Monday (May 13).

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According to him, the project on behalf of the arrangement of Beji Park and Road Tracking at Penarungan tourism village is disbursed with the fund of IDR 14,870,064,000. “It is meant to provide the opportunities and facilities for the wider community to do the penglukatan or self-purification,” he explained.

The Five Showers consist of the Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Rudra and Sambu. Meanwhile, the Eleven Showers consists of the Toya Ning, Tirta Gangga, Toya Penglukatan, Toya Pembersihan, Toya Pamrayascitta, Toya Pangleburan, Toya Pangening-ening, Toya Panyejer, Toya Sudamala, and Toya Pangentas.

Regarding the management, the destination also offering a jogging track and river tubing is under the Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) of Penarungan village. “The management of Pokdarwis is based on the decree of local headman,” he said.

As the stories circulating in the community, it started from subak group of Kapal village requiring irrigation water for the villagers’ fields. Local community tried to direct the flow of springs from Penarungan village to Kapal village. It was started from Abing hamlet which is currently known as Dauh Peken hamlet. Community’s efforts did not work out, even repeatedly the land collapsed. People then made breakdown as a barrier to direct the water flow. It is said that due to this problem, one of the community members intentionally tried by invoking to the ruler of nature. Whoever arrived at the end will be used as pakelem or sacrifice so that the effort was successful.

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Apparently, the vow really worked. Once upon a time, someone arrived at the end. He was a water coordinator who was in charge of regulating the irrigation water. Suddenly, he fell and died while walking on the edge of the river. Since then, the decision made has never experienced a problem until now. The former droppings of the river caused the soil uneven or what is referred to as mapaluh-paluh until then the location of former backfill is known as Beji Paluh Park until now.

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Psychically, said Artanegara, the springs in Beji Paluh Park have long been believed to have efficacies. In particular, they can cure various nonmedical diseases such as eye and skin disease. Initially, there were five springs in Beji Paluh Park. That’s why it was then called the Pancoran Lima or Five Showers.

“Local residents usually use it for penglukatan or self-purification of all basic elements. Especially for health, the flow of water in Beji Paluh Temple is believed through generations to have efficacy that can provide healing for the eye and skin diseases,” he explained. (Parwata/balipost)



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