GIANYAR, — A puff of smoke from a pile of garbage at Temesi Landfill (TPA) was still visible until Tuesday (Jun. 11). Related agencies also had difficulty in making blackouts because the embers were estimated to remain at the bottom of the garbage pile.

Head of Temesi Landfill Management, I Ketut Bambang, revealed the smoke puffs were indeed still visible from the portal area in the southern part of the Temesi Landfill that had previously burned. “The smoke remains to go out but a little. It is difficult to extinguish because the fire source is under the landfill,” he said.
He said if the puff of smoke continued to be watered, it could not immediately go out. He estimated it happened because there were still coals of fire in the bottom of the garbage piles. “If the garbage is disassembled and scattered, we can know the source of the fire. Right now, we can only estimate the source of the fire at the very bottom,” he said.
So far, his agency can only anticipate by watering to reduce the smoke puff in that location. Watering was carried out on Monday afternoon. “It was watered in the afternoon because from the morning there were still puffs along with the wind. Without being watered, the smoke could increase,” he explained.
When asked about waste disposal, at this time his agency carries out the disposal in the west area of Temesi landfill. Besides, on Tuesday the operator at the Temesi Landfill also began operating normally. “Last Monday, it was interrupted because the operator could not work due to heavy smoke. We could just work on Monday afternoon, while on Tuesday we have been working normally,” he said.
Based on the data at Temesi Landfill, the incoming garbage is hauled by 160 garbage trucks. They consist of 51 pickup trucks and 109 trucks. Each truck can carry 7.5 cubic meters of garbage. “A truck can transport garbage twice trips,” he explained. So, the total garbage entering the landfill reaches approximately 269 tons per day.
Separately, Chief of Gianyar Municipal Police, Made Watha, who conducted the monitoring to the landfill, stated that a puff of smoke is still indeed coming out from the mountain of garbage in the area. Certainly the condition is not dangerous. “Smoke remains to exude but is not harmful, we will also do watering again,” he said.
It was reported earlier that the piles of garbage at Temesi Landfill caught fire on Sunday night (Jun. 9). The extent of the burnt area made the Gianyar district firefighters overwhelmed, even the process had to last for more than three hours, up to early Monday. (Manik/balipost)

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