NEGARA, – The visits to tourist attractions in Gilimanuk Bay experienced an increase during the Eid holidays. Visitors are not only local tourists but domestic and foreign tourists that intentionally came to enjoy the nature of the region of Makepung or buffalo races. One of them is a visit to the tourist attraction in the area of Gilimanuk Bay, Melaya.

Since last week, the visit of tourist wishing to enjoy the natural panorama at Shiva Park, marine tourism and mangrove tours increased. In addition to Jembrana residents, there were also visitors from a number of regions in East Java and some foreign tourists.

In addition to the beautiful natural scenery of West Bali, the ease of access to the location is also a consideration for tourists coming to vacation in Gilimanuk Bay. Soni Yudikusuma, 31, one of the visitors, admitted the visit to the tourist attraction, also known as Secret Bay, had increased since the beginning of the long Eid holidays.

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According to him, before the Eid, the visitors mostly consisted of young people from Jembrana and Buleleng. But after the feast day the visit increased, and many come from Java with their families. There were also some foreign tourists. He said that visitors were interested in enjoying marine tourism and mangrove tours.

In this Gilimanuk Bay tourist attraction, there are dozens of jukung or traditional boat serving visitors that will enjoy marine tourism and mangrove tours. Although the visits increase when compared to the usual days, according to him, the boat operators from community groups coalesced into the Paguyuban Wisata Tirta do not raise their rental rates.

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He said that they usually get only 3 trips, but for this holiday they get up to seven trips. “The tariff is fixed namely IDR 150,000 for 10 people in once trip,” he said.

After the long Eid holidays, he hoped the visit to Gilimanuk Bay will increase again during the weekend breaks.

Asanudin, 45, from Jember, East Java, claimed to have come along with his family to enjoy the natural atmosphere of West Bali at Gilimanuk Bay. He said the access to Gilimanuk Bay is now very easy. “By riding a train, the ticket is only IDR 8,000 and does not take him up to two hours, he has arrived in Ketapang. Then, he just needs to cross directly,” said this factory worker.

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Meanwhile, a tourist guide who escorted European guests, Dewa Adi, said that foreign tourists are attracted to West Bali because of its natural beauty. According to him, foreign tourists name Jembrana as the virgin Bali, where the beauty of its nature and the life of local people will become its own attraction. (Surya Dharma/balipost)



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