SEMARAPURA, – Nusa Penida archipelago are starting to be wary of crime at ATMs where two foreigners from Bulgaria could be successfully secured by police officers. They are alleged to have committed skimming (theft of bank’s customer data) in ATM at Kampong Toyapakeh, Nusa Penida. Right now, both are still undergoing examinations to account for their actions.

Chief of Nusa Penida Police, Nyoman Reka Sanjaya, stated on Wednesday (May 15) the two Bulgarian citizens are Konstantin Zlatkov Ivanov, 24, and Georgi Zhivkov Ivanop, 25. The disclosure of the case originated from a report from resident, Ahmad Fahrozi, 24, who reported the alleged crime to the Nusa Penida Police according to the Report No. Pol. LP-B / 11 / IV / 2019 / Bali / Seknusapenida on May 14, 2019.

At that time, there was allegation that Bulgarian tourists were taking action to steal bank’s data. “The reporter and witness had been peeping for three days at the two foreigners’ movement from his office, which happened to be 10 meters away from the ATM,” said Reka Sanjaya.

The ATM at Kampong Toyapakeh became their targets. Local residents were suspicious of their movements, so they continued to carry out surveillance. Their suspicion increased after within the past few days they saw some of the foreigners put something on the ATM located at Kampong Toyapakeh, just at the location before heading for the harbor.

On Monday (May 13), around 23:40, the reporter and witness saw the ATM’s light going out. Immediately, the reporter and another friend, Sahabudin, 31, approached the ATM.

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They were shocked after finding the two reported person were installing cables on the ATM. Both foreigners who had been caught off red-handed immediately panicked.

Moreover, they tried to bribe with some money and negotiated so that their act is not to be informed to other citizens or police officers. However, the residents refused and chose to drag both foreigners to the Nusa Penida Police Station. Nusa Penida police officers rushed to the location and then secured the two Bulgarian citizens with this passport number 386005415 and 38515034.
“Learning from this case, we do hope the community will increase its vigilance. Report it immediately when seeing suspicious foreigners’ actions, so that no one of our citizens becomes the victims,” he said.
After undergoing an examination at the Nusa Penida Police Station, Nyoman Reka Sanjaya said the case had now been transferred to the Klungkung Police Station. Chief of Klungkung Police Criminal Investigation Agency, Mirza Gunawan, when contacted on Wednesday, could not provide information. Several times, he was contacted via his cellphone, but he did not give an answer.


Meanwhile, Spokesperson of Klungkung Police, I Putu Gede Ardana, emphasized the case is under investigation by Klungkung Police officers after receiving a case delegation from the Nusa Penida Police Station. In particular, there are allegations of involvement of other parties behind the reckless actions committed by the two Bulgarian citizens. (Bagiarta/balipost)


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