DENPASAR, — Since the past two weeks, Mount Agung has showed increased activities. However, the Bali Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) assured the community that until now there are no indications of eruption with large capacity. This is in accordance with the monitoring results of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources through PVMBG at Rendang Monitoring Post, Karangasem.

“Monitoring of the seismographs carried out routinely for 24 hours in Rendang Monitoring Post has not showed any vibrations or increased capacity of Mount Agung eruption,” said Head of Bali Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), I Made Rentin, when confirmed on Monday (May 27).
According to Rentin, preparedness must still be improved in anticipating every possible eruption. However, people are encouraged not to worry. Moreover, his party together with all components of officers such as the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and volunteers always echoed the tagline ‘Get to know the danger, prepare the strategy and we are ready to be safe.” Besides, it is also provided with education and dissemination efforts for Balinese people, especially in Karangasem.
“This means that we know the intensity, and then the eruption pattern, let’s say, it routinely happens on 12, 18, 24, or once every six days (eruption of Mount Agung—Ed). But with a context like this, we as Balinese and Karangasem people in particular become accustomed,” he added.
Having been accustomed to be here, Rentin continued, it does not necessarily mean to underestimate every eruption that may occur. But with such thing in mind, all parties become better prepared and know when an eruption occurs in large capacity especially regarding the movements in the evacuation process.

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BPBD Bali together with BPBD Karangasem assisted by 28 circumference villages in Mount Agung or Pasebaya is now trying to complete an evacuation plan with two big things. At the very least, the movement plan can be completed within next 2 to 2.5 months.
“The hamlets in the affected villages have a 4-km radius, we map them out with real data by name, by address and where they move,” he explained.
Rentin added that evacuation will be carried out with two options, namely guided evacuation commanded by headman and or hamlet chief as well as independent evacuation. For independent evacuation, the community at affected villages can go to their closest family, both those remaining in Karangasem and those who left the district.

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When later on the regions or villages and buffer villages outside the affected villages have been determined, they will immediately prepare all infrastructures, facilities, logistics and equipment related to the needs of refugees such as public kitchens, tents for beds and toilets complying with refugee management standards.
“When people shift to evacuate from affected villages to buffer zones or other locations, it will become fatal if the locations are not ready,” he explained.
Regarding the claim of health costs for Mount Agung refugees, Rentin said the final meeting will be held on May 29. In view of the previous coordination meeting in Karangasem, BPKP of Bali Representatives was not invited to attend. (Rindra/balipost)



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