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DLHK Finally Closes Illegal Landfill at Mumbul

MANGUPURA, BALIPOST.com — Regarding the existence of illegal landfill revealed due to fire incident some time ago, the Badung Environment and Sanitation Agency (DLHK)...

WBF Rock Music Festival Give Appreciation to Bali Rock Musician

MANGUPURA, BALIPOST.com — In the series of the 9th WBF Anniversary, the 12th Anniversary of Billabong FO Anniversary, and expression of gratitude for the...

Dozens of Accommodations in Badung Unlicensed

MANGUPURA,BALIPOST.com — Badung Municipal Police found dozens of unlicensed tourist accommodations operating in its territory. Results of the inspection carried out during January-April 2019...
Bali Belum Bebas Rabies

Lima Bulan, Terjadi 11.483 Kasus Gigitan HPR di Bali

DENPASAR, BALIPOST.com - Selama lima bulan pertama tahun 2019, kasus gigitan hewan penular rabies (HPR) di Bali mencapai 11.483 kasus. Jika dirata-ratakan per hari...

All Stakeholders Must Cooperate to Build Tourism Services

MANGUPURA, BALIPOST.com - In developing the tourism services sector, all tourism stakeholders must jointly implement the principle of mutual cooperation considering that tourism cannot...

Admission Ticket to Waterblow Waiting for Cooperation Agreement

MANGUPURA, BALIPOST.com — After testing the enforcement of admission ticket to Waterblow area on Peninsula Island in Nusa Dua, the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation...

Giri Prasta Wants Workers to be Entrepreneurs

MANGUPURA, BALIPOST.com —The number of entrepreneurs in Badung district is still relatively small compared to the total population. At present, there are 16,000 entrepreneurs....

Ministry of Transportation Try to Increase Domestic Tourist Visit

MANGUPURA, BALIPOST.com - The government, through the Ministry of Transportation, finally adopted a policy to reduce the upper limit of airline ticket prices for...

Beji Paluh Park Becomes A New Spiritual Tourist Destination

MANGUPURA, BALIPOST.com - A number of villages in Badung district are interested in developing their tourism sector. Within this year, many new tourist objects...

Simpan Dua Butir Ineks Dituntut Penjara Lima Tahun

DENPASAR, BALIPOST.com - Hanya gara-gara dua butir ineks, pria asal Tuban, Kuta, Badung, terdakwa Samsiyadi (40) harus duduk di kursi pesakitan. Mirisnya, oleh JPU...

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