GIANYAR, — Breeding and gardening become the daily life of I Nyoman Suastawa after retiring from his profession as high school teacher a few months ago. However, when starting to raise pigs on his own land, he was surprised by a lawsuit of the hotel located adjacent to his land whereas the pigsty he made is for the spread of fertilizer. The lawsuit related to the pigsty reaches IDR 5 billion, but after mediation the hotel demanded compensation of IDR 2.9 billion. “Of course, I was surprised at first, the price of my land is not comparable to the demand,” said I Nyoman Suastawa .


Suastawa told that from his grandmother he has used to raise pigs on the land of around 0.40 hectare near the hotel. Moreover, since his childhood, he was taken to raise cattle and pigs around the land area. “In the past, we made pigsty by using wooden fences, while others only tied their livestock. Now, I make a semi-permanent pigsty measuring 2.5×3 meters, where the floor is made from concrete and fenced with iron that can be moved. The poles are using bamboo and the roof is zinc sheet,” he said.


Nestled on the land area, there are a number of scattered pigsty, where the upper part has two pigsties, a cowshed, and beneath there is a pigsty. Well, one of the pigsties containing two pigs is what the hotel complained about. When asked about the reason for the scattered pigsties, Suastawa admitted that other than raising livestock, he also farms.


The waste of livestock manure is taken advantage as fertilizer for his banana garden. With such scattered locations of the pigsties, it facilitates him to access manure for the banana garden. “So, I just need to spread this manure around the pigsties, in the upper and lower corner like that as well,” he explained.


He added the garden around the pigsties complained about by the hotel is indeed drying out so it needs more fertilizers. He said that currently fertilizers from pigs and cattle are considered good for his banana garden. “This fertilizer is good for my garden, as proven by the results of my garden. My seedy banana garden indeed needs this fertilizer, maybe it’s different from vegetable gardens that are less resistant to fertilizer,” he said after gardening accompanied by his wife Ni Nyoman Retiani.

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He said that his garden is just harvested for the leaves. They are routinely taken by collectors every three or four weeks. The leaves are then distributed to a number of public markets in Gianyar and Denpasar. “From all of my land, the harvest is done every three weeks with the current prices in the range of over two million. But it also depends on the season, if in dry season the harvest may be carried out in four weeks. Right now, the harvest is carried out every three weeks,” he said.


Well, from all those processes, this father of two sons also stressed that he has no intention to make a pigsty to disturb the hotel-owned restaurant. Suastawa deliberately made a pigsty just to fertilize his banana garden. “Intentionally disturbing the hotel is not my intention,” said this grandfather of three grandchildren.


The sudden lawsuit filed by hotel management made him surprised because the pigsty is considered disturbing tourists at hotel. However, between his garden and the restaurant is just limited with bamboo planted by the hotel itself. Besides, between these two fields is also limited by footpaths. “All this time, I have also tried to spread fertilizer away from the hotel, even I’ve drained the water away from the hotel with the hope it will not disturb there,” he said.


Meanwhile, Head the Panel of Judges, A.F.S. Dewantoro, justified there is a lawsuit against a farmer to the Gianyar District Court. The trial process for the case of No. 424 / Pdt.G / 2018 / PN Gin had already been carried out several times. “Earlier (Thursday of May 16) a hearing was the reading of the defendant, while the trial for the plaintiff will be held next week,” he said.


He added that after receiving the lawsuit, he had also checked the location at Buahan village, Payangan. The pigsty measuring 2,5×3 meters was just built earlier this year on private land owned by I Nyoman Suastawa, while the hotel’s restaurant has been around since 2005. “The distance of the pigsty from the hotel’s restaurant is around 7 meters, so it’s pretty close,” explained the judge who is also Deputy Head of the Gianyar District Court. (Manik Astajaya/balipost)


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