GIANYAR, – With its majestic landscape and the enchanting smiles of its people, Bali has long drawn the attention of people from all over the world. The island is a melting pot of many races and cultures. Through the early influx of Chinese traders in the 7th century to the era of Dutch colonialism in the 16th century, each influence has left its mark on every aspect of Balinese culture, including in its architectural landscape.

This beautiful cultural mix has been revived in the stunning architecture of Rumah Luwih – a newly launched luxury resort set amidst the tranquil landscape of Pantai Lebih in Gianyar.
Designed by notable Indonesian architect, Hadiprana, the design of Rumah Luwih takes its inspiration from the exquisite Ujung Water Palace in Karangasem. A home for the royals, this water palace is renowned for its grand architecture that wonderfully blends the beauty of Dutch colonial style with the intricate details of Chinese and Balinese cultures. Such grandiosity provides the base for Rumah Luwih’s architectural design. The resort, which occupies 3,2 hectares of lush greenery, is the setting for this lavish private residence where all guests are treated as royals in their very own tropical sanctuary.
Deriving its name from a Sanskrit word, Luwih translates as “more”. More than a house, Rumah Luwih is a home. Its architecture epitomizes a beautiful beachfront mansion where all family gathers to relax and unwind. From its classic Dutch era tiles, to the curated antiques, teakwood fittings and use of beautiful silk, every detail of Rumah Luwih is designed to create an intimate feeling as if coming home to your loving grandma’s mansion.
True to its grand familial mansion philosophy, the resort incorporates one main building designed for the core family and an adjacent block of guest rooms to accommodate family guests when they come to visit. At Rumah Luwih, guests are welcome as close family and treated with five-star hospitality from the well-trained staff.
Located in the lush and unspoiled East coast of Bali, the resort enjoys unparalleled scenic beauty on one of Bali’s best beaches. From the moments guest step into the lobby, they are intimately engulfed by an unpretentious, welcoming ambiance. After being greeted by warm smiles, guests are ushered by the staff into a spacious lobby, which leads to an open view of Rumah Luwih’s Ocean Chapel set amidst the backdrop of the vast Indian Ocean and Nusa Penida Island on the horizon. Rumah Luwih’s Ocean Chapel has become the resort’s primary landmark and is renowned as the setting of intimate matrimony accommodating up to 50 people.
Emulating the lives of the Karangasem royals, the resort itself hosts 75 luxurious rooms including three one–of-a-kind suites. To ensure ultimate indulgence and privacy, each room is designed to be expansive, ranging from 40 – 200 square meters. Prabanggana Rooms offer 40 square meters of luxury with splendid views of the Indian Ocean or lush gardens. Arnawakanta Rooms offer a grandiose,50 square meters of space to enjoy all of the luxurious in-room amenities including a bathtub for indulgent soaking.
For families or larger groups, Segara, Giri and Aruna Suites provide a graceful setting and total privacy with 100-200 square meters of indoor living space, as well as spacious private balconies overlooking the ocean. The suites offer guests the experience of living like a noble with their capacious bedrooms along with separate, comfortable sitting area, dining room, and living room.
For meals and refreshments, the main dining room, Andrawina provides a royal dining experience in a gorgeous colonial setting. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be enjoyed in this luxurious dining room or in its laid-back seating by the pool where guests enjoy their meals accompanied by the serene ocean breeze.
For midday refreshment, pre-dinner or a casual gathering, the Living room with its French doors and sweeping views of the estate is a perfect setting to simply hang out or read a favorite book. For an evening drink, guests are invited to venture through the well-manicured lawn of Luwih garden, onto the lotus pond with its friendly geese and enjoy an extravagant selection of cocktails and drinks at the Beach Pavilion by the Oceanside.
“With its tranquil garden, lavish accommodations and an unrivalled panorama of the calm Indian Ocean, Rumah Luwih is indeed a new holiday destination worth to visit. We understand that our guests come from all over the world with different backgrounds and stories that make them unique. Our aim is to provide one of a kind service and attention to each and every one of our guests so they feel right at home,” Mr. Agus Suananda, CHA, General Manager of Rumah Luwih stated.
Rumah Luwih is conveniently located only 5 minutes drive from Bali Safari & Marine Park, 25 minutes from Sanur and just 30 minutes to the historic & cultural center of famous Ubud. For booking and more information about Rumah Luwih, please visit

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