DENPASAR, — The efforts to protect the environment are increasingly massive, not only by small movements but also by applying eco-friendly technology. All this time, humans have lived from pollution both garbage pollution and air pollution.


The measures to reduce pollution have been carried out. In maintaining the environment from waste, massive waste recycles are carried out. Meanwhile, air pollution is minimized by the reduction in exhaust emissions.
Motor vehicle fumes are pursued to use fuels producing more eco-friendly exhaust gases. In addition, cigarette smoke which is a contributor to pollution has also emerged new technologies to reduce cigarette smoke. Then, the waste that was previously burned causing air pollution is no longer allowed at this time.
In the Merah Putih talk show on Tuesday (May 28), Bali Environment Agency, Dewa Gede Surahardi, stated that garbage is a big problem. In order to maintain the sanctity and harmony of Bali’s natural environment, Governor of Bali Wayan Koster has launched a program and provided training for the community, especially those who are engaged in waste processing and utilization of used goods into economically valuable goods.
Dissemination to environmentally-aware villages has also been carried out, including dissemination not to burn waste because the toxins from burning garbage are high. Bali provincial government also has a program known as the Bali Plastic Waste Cleanup which aims to educate the public in terms of protecting Bali’s nature from garbage. This program is carried out every month in a different location.
Head of the PPLH Research Center at Udayana University, Made Sudarma, said there are still resources having economic value that can be utilized. Various programs of the government have been carried out to reduce pollution, especially garbage pollution. One indicator of the success of waste management can be seen at the landfill. If the waste in the landfill decreases, it means the waste management at the source is not maximized.
Less maximized waste management in the community has decreased because it does not have a market, whereas many creative products can be made from the garbage. “If it is absorbed by the market, there is no need to bother, people will flock to utilize garbage,” he joked.
On that account, according to him, there should be a policy to prepare the market because if it is left to the market mechanism, he believed it will not find a meeting point between the production cost and the price of the product. One of the ways that can be done in producing recycled-waste products is to provide incentives and subsidies for producers wishing to process the waste.
Division Head of Industry at the Bali Trade and Industry Agency, I Gde W. Suamba, stated that to market the products resulted from waste management can be done through the exhibition as one of the solutions. Bali Arts Festival has been around the corner. He said this year’s BAF will showcase recycled products. Online marketing is also done through marketplaces having been invited to work together.
With the existence of the Governor Regulation on the reduction in the use of plastic waste, the business potential of the producing alternative products for plastic bags is getting bigger because more and more people are using non-plastic bags.

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Aside from garbage, environmental pollution is also caused by cigarette smoke and even close to us. Chairman of the Bali Vaporizer Association (AVB), I Gde Agus Mahardika, stated that Vape is included in the other tobacco processing products (HPTL). Vape technology has developed to date because of the emergence of human awareness of health and the environment.
Vape is different from conventional cigarettes, where it is not burned but heated so it produces steam. The content consists of 4 essence substances, nicotine, PG and VG. Meanwhile, combustion of conventional cigarettes produces 4,000 dangerous substances from 600 contents in them. (Citta Maya/balipost)



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