DENPASAR, BALIPOST,com – Online application-based taxis cannot just be closed haphazardly. However, Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, reiterated his commitment to maintaining the existence of conventional taxis considering the conventional taxis have been around for a long time in serving tourism in Bali and are well organized. Therefore, zoning or operating area between conventional taxis and online taxis will be regulated in the Governor Regulation.

“Now, a taxi suddenly appears with application. We do not know the driver’s identity, where else the ID card comes from and not all of them have Bali license plates. Meanwhile, their base is not clear, and various other procedures are not actually met in appropriate with the context of tourism services,” said Koster when meeting the masses of Bali Transport United (BTB) in the office yard of the governor of Bali on Monday (May 27).

Before meeting the masses, Koster had called a number of BTB representatives to discuss in his room. He said if indeed there are necessities to govern the implementation of transportation in accordance with the standardization of tourism services, he will make the Governor Regulation to govern tourism areas becoming the conventional taxi bases, and later on they may not be entered by online taxis. On the other hand, conventional taxis will also be arranged as well as possible so that they can become an icon of transportation for Bali tourism services.

“So, for example, by degrees the vehicles will be rejuvenated with the capital from BPD with the lowest interest below 5 percent. In addition, the drivers will be made costumes or uniforms with good design,” he explained.

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Next, continued Koster, conventional taxis will also be registered and made special applications with closed systems. In this case, the members are only conventional taxi drivers. One of the goals is to widen their market access so that they do not just hang out but can take passengers anywhere.


Meanwhile, online taxi drivers will have to be arranged where the drivers must have Bali identity card, use a DK license-plated vehicle, and join a single organization. The vehicle used must have a DK license plate because they make a living by taking a tour in Bali. In addition, online taxis may not go wild because they are vulnerable to disrupting tourists and ultimately tarnish the image of tourism.


“Don’t doubt my commitment. Surely, I take side with the conventional. I will assign the newly appointed head of Transportation Agency to draft Governor Regulation in the shortest possible time. The costumes are regulated in the amended budget 2019,” he explained.

When asked whether this policy will not conflict with the Regulation of Minister of Transportation, Koster explicitly mentioned that Bali is not like other regions. Bali is a special area because it is a world tourist destination although the Regulation of Minister of Transportation applies throughout Indonesia. If it is not suitable in the area, it can follow the rules in the regions that are in accordance with the conditions of the region.
“What we handle is tourism, so that it must be with special services. The drivers must be able to speak English like that. Don’t let them get the wrong way,” he explained.
Head of the Bali Transportation Agency, I Gde Wayan Samsi Gunarta, said the Governor Regulation will be accomplished within two weeks. His party is still reviewing technically related to the location limitation. “The locations which have clearly had the transport management like transport management and we will then try to limit them. Online taxis can only drop, while they cannot take passengers,” he gave an example.

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According to Samsi, many options can still be discussed and not all of them can be agreed. On the other hand, there is restriction of the authority possessed by the governor. It needs to be synchronized so the problem does not recur.


In the Regulation of Minister of Transportation, the governor has the authority to determine the upper and lower limit rates, determine quotas, and issue supervisory cards. For the implementation of the region, it can still be considered to what extent it can be applied. “Indeed, there are such things, especially related to regional transportation arrangements,” he concluded.

Chairman of BTB, Nyoman Suendra, said to have been quite satisfied even though online taxis cannot be closed completely. At least, there has been a bright spot from the struggle of conventional taxi drivers so far. The governor’s commitment, including the solution offered in the form of Governor Regulation issuance, will continue to be escorted. His members will also be involved in the drafting of the Governor Regulation.

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“Do not let be lies among us anymore. For example, there will be no different understanding ??later on. To be honest, all our colleagues are satisfied. The governor is extraordinary in addressing and has been on our side as well,” said the man who is familiarly addressed as Jero Jhon.

Before reaching an agreement, BTB, among others, demanded that online taxis should have identity as conventional taxis do. Then, online taxis may not enter into the tourism area which has been the operating area for conventional taxis. Online taxi quota must also be clear so as not to be chaotic like they do. Not to mention, most online taxis use vehicles with license plates from outside Bali and the drivers only put on shorts or a T-shirt.

“In Bali, there is a norm, we in the conventional taxis must queue at hotels by wearing neat uniform and we clearly can speak English. They (online taxi—Ed) take passengers (tourists) wishing to go to hospital but are taken to supermarket. Well, this communication doesn’t connect,” he concluded. (Rindra/balipost)



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