SEMARAPURA, — After four days of fighting against health problems in his bladder, the chanter of Puja Tri Sandya or Hindu thrice daily prayers who was quite popular in Bali, Ida Pedanda Gede Made Tembau, passed away on Tuesday night (May 28). The sad news was justified by his youngest son, Ida Bagus Wibawa. Until tonight, his body is still at BaliMed Hospital, Denpasar.


“He passed away approximately at 19:00 local time. I will inform this to our great preceptor (Ida Nabe) regarding the next procession is in Gria,” said Ida Bagus Wibawa on Tuesday night (May 28), while conveying that he was taking care of the homecoming of his body from BaliMed Hospital Denpasar to Gria Kulon Aan.
He did not dare to convey about the next procession to be organized at Gria Kulon Aan, Banjarangkan. Regarding the cremation and the series of ceremony are still being negotiated with the extended family of Ida Pedanda, before getting instructions from Ida Nabe, who is also the elder brother of Ida Pedanda Gede Made Tembau, namely Ida Pedanda Gede Putra Tembau.
As reported earlier, this 74-year-old Brahmin priest had disorder in his bladder that returned to relapse. Such condition forced him to re-enter the ICU treatment room of BaliMed Hospital since four days ago. His youngest child, Ida Bagus Wibawa, said that the history of the bladder disorder is long enough. However, it has recurred since the last year.
In fact, previously was said that Ida Pedanda had experienced blooded urine. At that time, he had received treatment at Sanglah Hospital. His condition was getting better, after treatment at the hospital. After that, he routinely carried out health control. Later on, the history of bladder health problems recurred. Wibawa admitted that his illness had recurred because he was late in carrying out health control. “After the blooded urinating, we routinely control his health. Finally, the relapse indeed happened again due to late control,” said Wibawa.(Citta Maya/balipost)


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