DENPASAR, – The arrival of the Indonesian President Joko Widodo in Denpasar was not only at the Badung Market. However, President Joko Widodo who was received by the Mayor of Denpasar IB Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra also had time to visit Kumbasari Park in the Badung River. Moreover, the president had time to sit casually on the edge of the river while chatting for a while with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Regional Secretary of the City of Denpasar.


While looking at the condition of the river, Joko Widodo greatly appreciated to the arrangement of the Badung River bank. With such arrangement, it will be able to change the habits of people previously dumping garbage into the river, but now it no longer exists. Besides, he hoped the water of Badung River needs to be cleared up. “The water must be clear,” said President Joko Widodo.

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He also immediately ordered the Minister of Public Works and Housing to provide a water purifier. “The president has asked the Minister of Public Works and Housing to help us purify the water,” said the Mayor of Denpasar, Rai Mantra. (Asmara Putra/balipost)


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