(BP/Courtesy of La Favela)

MANGUPURA, BALIPOST.com – La Favela Bali is one of the most popular nightclubs and restaurants in Bali lately. It’s so famous; you have to stand in long lines to get into the club.

The club, which is located on Jalan Laksamana Oberoi No. 177X, Seminyak is very crowded with visitors. The long queue started to appear at 11 pm.

The concept of La Favela taken from a village in Brazil with the same name. In addition to the forest area, La Favela also emphasizes the Brazilian-inspired outdoor design.

One of the most interesting is the presence of a large statue of Jesus which is an icon of the Samba country. However, even though La Favela Bali Seminyak looks shabby like village life in Brazil, all the decorations are neatly arranged.

(BP/Courtesy of La Favela)

An example is a collection of old motorcycles that are neatly arranged on the roof of the place. Various ‘junk goods’ are also widely distributed in La Favela’s outdoor space as artistic and instagramable decorative materials. Public facilities are also conceptualized in such a way, visitors will be able to get an unforgettable memory of a place to hang out.

Special Event in a La Favela

La Favela was a night club seminyak, together with the Whiskey Dinner by La Favela and Johnnie Walker. This collaboration will make it more understandable for the guests and customers. This is the first time for this kind of event to be held at La Favela.

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The purpose of the event is to give unforgettable experiences to the guests. La Favela often holds private events; this event is in collaboration with the alcoholic beverage brand “Johnnie Walker” provided by the Diageo Indonesia Company. The event was also attended by Mr. Cesario De Facto as Area Executive of Diageo Indonesia. This event was also attended by the Bar Manager of La Favela Mr. Nikita Fedchishin.

To promote this event in La Favela as night club seminyak, Diageo Indonesia collaborated with information media, namely Candi. “So the idea was to find something new to make people more interested with La Favela and bring more dinner time, more people for the party and the event itself was to create a special dinner with the food pairing from our menu and whiskey. Which is not really easy to do, because for me whiskey, one of the most complicated drinks to be pair with the food,” said Mr. Nikita.

(BP/Courtesy of La Favela)

“La Favela makes different ways to do it especially with the artwork, but for sure I would love to continue with the idea and especially with the Johnnie Walker. La Favela really hopes they are going to do the completely same event or will do collaboration.  This is the very first time to try event pairing with this whiskey, it’s still unique in Bali, nobody else try it, and of course, it’s not really easy to pair food and Whiskey, and probably La Favela, one of the first, who try to match this with this name,” Mr. Nikita continued.

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La Favela is one of restaurant, bar, also night club in Seminyak, and we also have a different concept bar on top of La Favela, that is “Attika Bar”. In order to mix all of the concepts together, either the club, the dinner, and the bar, Attika Bar wants to bring people  for the private vibes, so at the same time, in one day we show our most important customer, every single one that we have.

This private event is for a special customer, La Favela’s partner and many people from different fields. La Favela is trying to make this dinner for 60 pax.

La Favela has some favorite dinner menu and cocktails for this event. La Favela and Diageo Indonesia offered 5 different bottles, 5 different dishes starting from the starters, tacos, and dessert. Basically the entire guest split into two parts, because La Favela has some men and some women.

(BP/Courtesy of La Favela)

For the women’s side, they like mostly the last one, the Johnnie Walker Black Label Sherry Edition. The dessert was an amazing pairing, with the chocolate and ice cream.  For the man side, it was the number 3 Johnnie Walker Black Label Lowland (Prawn Tostada, “Guacamole”, Baby Romain, Crispy Taco Tortilla, Sour Cream, Tomato Salsa).

The expectation towards this event is to create maximum loyalty for the customers, so the customers will share their  experience. Aside from holding this Whiskey Dinner, there will be a bar takeover from “Attika” with the special bartender from Milano Restaurant in Canggu.

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After the dinner, all the customers could go upstairs, enjoy special drinks from the bartender, and after the bar takeover they can stay longer for the party.

La Favela, as one of the best night club seminyak, collaborated for the alcoholic drinks with Diageo Indonesia and Candi as the media partner in this event. Candi is a platform that provides the best recommendations for tourist attractions, culinary, delicious food, coffee, must visit destinations, as well as information of the beauty and diversity of Indonesian culture.

Many types of drinks are available here that can be adjusted to your taste. The price is also not too expensive, starting from IDR 50.000.

The bar area is also often used as a resting place for guests who feel tired. That is the reason why many people flock to this club. Especially on weekends such as Saturday nights and also Sunday nights, the visitors also look very booming.

Well, that’s the reason why you really need to enjoy entertainment at La Favela Bali as well as some tips that must be done to be allowed in. La Favela Bali Seminyak will be your unforgettable destination to visit. (Adv/balipost)



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