DENPASAR, — The number of patient visits on the first day of service at Sanglah Hospital after the Eid holidays increased sharply. As recorded, the outpatient visits on Monday (Jun. 10) at 15:00 reached 2,009 people, 334 people in Wing Amerta, and 165 people in Emergency Room.


Head of the Sanglah Hospital Medical Record Department, Ni Luh Dharma Kerti Natih, accompanied by the Head of the Public Relations Dewa Ketut Kresna, said the number had increased quite sharply. By and large, the number of outpatients is a maximum of 1,200 people, 80 – 90 people in Emergency Room and 150 people in Wing Amertha.
This increase in patient visits is alleged to happen due to a long holiday. Admittedly the increase did not make Sanglah Hospital overwhelmed in handling patients, but the time for services became longer.
Usually the service in the polyclinic opened until 16:00 and after that the employees went home. But at this time, the service lasted until 16:50 or virtually until 17:00 the employees were still serving patients.
Registration of polyclinic services is closed at 14:00. Moreover, for certain polyclinics, the registration was already closed earlier because there were quite a large number of registered patients, such as in the oncology, urology and eye polyclinic.
“Well, actually we are not overwhelming because all the patients can be treated properly. We just need more time to handle them. Just now, the services at polyclinic lasted until 16:50,” she said. (Citta Maya/balipost)

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