BANGLI, – New orange variety is now being developed by a farmer at Pengotan village, Bangli, I Wayan Nyarka. This new variety named Sweet Orange of Mr. Nyarka has a number of advantages over oranges in general having existed in Bangli. In terms of size, the fruit is quite large and looks attractively yellow when it has been ripe. Besides, the orange has a taste that is much sweeter than imported oranges. How did the cultivation look like?

In the maiden harvest activities at his garden on Sunday (May 19), Nyarka said that at a glance the beginning of the development of his new orange started about 12 years ago. One of his family members working in the city of Denpasar received souvenirs from his employer in the form of very beautiful oranges, having large size, attractive color and very sweet.

Since that time was the beginning of the entry of imported oranges from China to Indonesia, his family had an idea to try sowing the orange’s seeds. Unfortunately, of the many seeds sown, only one seed could grow. After that, the growing seed was then planted in the garden.

Nyarka admitted that he could only see the fruits after the orange were nine years old. He was surprised because the results of the seedlings turned out to be extraordinary. The fruits can be similar to the original fruit. “That’s where I started the initiative to try propagating through cuttings. The cuttings I have done at that time can now produce first fruits as we have learned today,” he said.

Furthermore, he said the superiority of the cuttings from orange fruits includes the possession of a large enough fruit size, good look of fruit as well as beautiful and attractive yellow color. In terms of taste, it is also sweet, sweeter than imported oranges. Another advantage possessed when compared to Berastagi oranges sold in the market, this orange has no pulp so that it can be swallowed entirely. Besides, this orange has thicker skin than other varieties.

“This has been proven by an export company in Indonesia and has received an appreciation because the quality of oranges really meets the hotel quality standards as one of the suppliers of citrus fruits,” he added.

Nyarka claimed the name Sweet Orange of Mr. Nyarka is a temporary name given to the orange currently developed. He equally cannot predict the extent and strength of these citrus plants and fruit to pests. On that account, according to him, it still needs more in-depth testing and research.

Regent of Bangli, I Made Gianyar, who attended the maiden harvest last Sunday, expressed his appreciation to Wayan Nyarka. The regent considered Nyarka as a pioneer of progress at Pengotan village. Thirty years ago, Pengotan was still inferior to Bunutin village which was the regent’s hometown. “Thanks to the innovation from Mr. Nyarka, currently Bunutin has been overtaken by Pengotan village with its agriculture and of course the surrounding community if there are positive things, let’s imitate faster for our common welfare,” Gianyar said. (Dayu Swasrina/balipost)


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