Boats parked in Tanjung Benoa. (BP/edi)

MANGUPURA, – Recently, domestic tourist visits showed a decline. This condition is clearly visible in the marine tourist area of Tanjung Benoa on Sunday (May 12). As seen, marine tourism commonly being crowded with tourist visits was observed relatively quiet.

According to Chairman of the Association of Marine Tourism Entrepreneurs (Gahawisri) of Badung Chapter, Nyoman Wana Putra, such condition has been going on for almost a month. Moreover, the decline in tourist visits reached 40 percent. He said that such drastic decline is likely to happen because of the price hike in airline ticket is very high. On that account, domestic tourists seem reluctant to vacation in Bali and choose other destination.

He hoped it can get the attention from the government. If this matter is not reviewed or evaluated by related parties, the visit will gradually become more deserted. “We hope this will become a concern of the relevant government because it has an impact on the visits of domestic tourists,” he said.

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Other than domestic tourists, the presence of foreign tourists is almost the same and has not been able to boost visits. “Foreign tourists are the same, while only Indian guests remaining stable while the others are still not many,” he affirmed.

He hoped the phenomenon of price hike of airline tickets and price competition will soon get the attention and be found a solution. Thus, the Bali tourism will return to be passionate. “The ticket price is expensive, so that many people choose vacations to other destinations. This has an impact on us here,” he added. (Yudi Karnaedi/balipost)


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